You Never Know When You're Living in the Golden Age

You never know when you’re living in the golden age is a thought, more than a title, that reflects upon a transformation of celebration. To me, this thought alludes to the moments we apply value in our everyday and how quickly these valuables can be taken for granted.

In this body of work, I chose objects of mediocrity that create a platform on which to examine our value systems by elevating the low and compromising the high. Throughout history, the value of gold leaf has had a reserved application for those people and places upholding the highest standards of education, spirituality, and wealth. Applying gold leaf to these objects helps challenge these traditions of classism while calling into question how our current culture defines value. What happens when a medium that symbolizes the very presence of significance becomes displaced and is cultivated into an environment that is seemingly unworthy and insignificant? The gold leaf used has been specifically left untreated allowing for its initial pristine surface to slowly dematerialize. This lack of sustainability symbolizes the nature of gold leaf becoming a product of its environment and, over time, losing its value.